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Hi, nice to meet you!

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''A goal without a plan is just a wish.''

My story

As a young adult, I mean my twenties, in retrospect it seems I was searching my place in the World. I lived in different countries, studied different subjects, and tried different professions. From event organisation through teaching to IT. 

This has changed once I had found my home in Barcelona. I felt grounded, I had time, energy and the will to reflect and think on a goal where I want my life to go, so my focus became who I am, what I want, what I like, and what I am good at.

Creating and fixing were always second nature to me, making/ redesigning clothes, DIY stuff, trying to repair everything by myself rather than call a handyman (not always the best choice I must admit..), and doodling (wish I could say drawing but I think I cannot call it that..) At the same time my love of nature only grew stronger, so I knew I wanted to do something where I can create/ fix, with a clear objective on doing it in a sustainable way. 

Studying interior design came naturally since I moved around quite a bit. Working on couple of projects made me realise I am more focused on functionality, solving issues and have strong feelings on only using natural, up-cycled materials. These are however not always the main aspects of the clients, at least the execution of it, therefore I decided to move on with my research on what to do. 

That is when I found UX and Product design, that basically covers all my favoured aspects. Creating/ working in a (virtual) space where problem solving, ideation, functionality are some of the main points. Where the result of my work could be part of a positive impact. 

My goals are to sharpen my skills, acquire many new ones and eventually became proficient. I know that doesn't mean the learning stage stops. Which makes this even more exciting. However with some amount of knowledge I could also see myself assisting the new comers and simply give back all that I have learned, while still working on projects to make this tech base world easier and even fun to navigate in.


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The Universe

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