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Hi, I’m Bogi, a UX/ product designer based in Barcelona.

To me UX/ product design is a way to assist in an easier navigation through life. The tools we use on a daily basis should ''be there'' for us and not add more challenge to our tasks.

Therefore my vision is to create/improve apps and websites where people feel an instant comfort with the use and have less of the ‘’now what?..’’ awkwardness. 

You can read more about me, here.


My work

Customizing new gmail account


When setting the background photo in a new gmail account, the ''My photos'' feature shows no picture, even though there is at least one in Google Photos. 


Improving the function within the Theme settings, to use images from the Google Photos app.

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Airline website


Making a flight purchase more user friendly. 


Improving the user experience to purchase flight tickets by creating an airline website.

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